Descendants of Roger Chapin

Generation One

1. Roger1 Chapin was born before 1540 at Totnes, Devon, England.

Reference: 3401.

Children of Roger1 Chapin and an unknown spouse all b. at Totnes, Devon, England, were as follows:

Generation Two

2. John2 Chapin (Roger1) was born on 25 Sep 1566 at Totnes, Devon, England. He married Phillipe Easton on 14 Sep 1590 at Paignton, Devon, England. He died on 3 Jun 1600 at Paignton, Devon, England, at age 33.

Children of John2 Chapin and Phillipe Easton all b. at Paignton, Devon, England, were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Samuel3 Chapin (John2, Roger1) Samuel Chapin- 2194 Deacon Samuel Chapin and Cicely, his wife with probably 5 of their children, came to this country about 1635, and settled in Roxbury in the Colony of Mass. Bay where his family was known as early as 163~ where he became a citizen and landholder. His name with that of his wife appears in a list of members in John Elliots Church, June 2 1641. He took the Freemans oath in Boston, and thus became a citizen of the Colony and entitled to vote. October 16, 1642, his son Japhet was baptized at Roxbury, Shortly afterwards with his family, joined a company of emigrants on a perilous journey to the wildness to the Valley of Conn., where he settled near the present site of Springfield and was a prominent man in the Church and Civil affairs until his death at that place, Nov 11 1675.

He was a Deacon of the Congregationalist Church and is generally designated by that title by his descendants.

Through the liberality of Chester W. Chapin, one of his lineal descendants, a statue was erected to his memory in Stearns Park, Springfield, Mass. and was unveiled with appropriate ceremonies Thanksgiving Day 1887 His wife Cecely died Feb 8th 1682. Neither place of birth, nationality nor age is known. Taken from Family Papers

He was born on 8 Oct 1598 at Paignton, Devon, England. He married Cicely Penny, daughter of Henry Penny, on 9 Feb 1623 at Paignton, Devon, England. He died on 11 Nov 1675 at Springfield, Mass, at age 77.

Children of Samuel3 Chapin and Cicely Penny were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Josiah4 Chapin (Samuel3, John2, Roger1) married Mary King, daughter of John King. He was born in 1634. He died on 10 Sep 1726.

Children of Josiah4 Chapin and Mary King were:

Generation Five

5. Seth5 Chapin (Josiah4, Samuel3, John2, Roger1) was born on 4 Aug 1668. He married Bethiah Thurston, daughter of John Thurston and Mary Wood, on 25 Mar 1691. He died on 1 Mar 1746 at age 77.

Children of Seth5 Chapin and Bethiah Thurston were as follows:

Generation Six

6. Josiah6 Chapin (Seth5, Josiah4, Samuel3, John2, Roger1) was born on 6 Mar 1707. He married Mary Nelson, daughter of Gershom Nelson and Abigail Ellithorpe, on 5 Feb 1729. He died on 1 Jul 1788 at age 81.

Children of Josiah6 Chapin and Mary Nelson were:

Generation Seven

7. Capt Joseph7 Chapin (Josiah6, Seth5, Josiah4, Samuel3, John2, Roger1) was born on 29 Jan 1730. He married Ruth Taft, daughter of Moses Taft and Priscilla Thayer, on 29 Mar 1758 at Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass. He died on 18 Aug 1809 at age 79

Children of Capt Joseph7 Chapin and Ruth Taft were:

Generation Eight

8. Ameriah8 Chapin (Joseph7, Josiah6, Seth5, Josiah4, Samuel3, John2, Roger1) was born on 20 Apr. He married Olive Taft, daughter of Jacob Taft and Esther Marsh, on 10 Jan 1778. He died on 18 Apr 1840.

Children of Ameriah8 Chapin and Olive Taft were:

Generation Nine

9. Sylvia9 Chapin (Ameriah8, Joseph7, Josiah6, Seth5, Josiah4, Samuel3, John2, Roger1) was born on 16 May 1790. She married George Willard, son of Samuel Willard and Olive Frost, on 21 Dec 1809. She died on 20 Aug 1842 at age 52.

Children of Sylvia9 Chapin and George Willard were:

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