Descendants of Thomas Thayer

Generation One

1. Thomas1 Thayer married Margary Wheeler on 13 Apr 1618 at Thornbury, Gloucester, Mass. He died on 2 Jun 1665 at Mendon, Mass.

Children of Thomas1 Thayer and Margary Wheeler were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Fernando2 Thayer (Thomas1) married Huldah Hayward, daughter of William Hayward and Margary (--?--). He was born in Apr 1626 at Thornbury, Gloucester, England. He died on 28 Mar 1713 at Mendon, Mass, at age 86.

Children of Fernando2 Thayer and Huldah Hayward were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Capt. Thomas3 Thayer (Fernando2, Thomas1) was born at Braintree. He married Mary Adams. He died on 1 May 1738.


Children of Thomas3 Thayer and Mary Adams were:

4. Huldah3 Thayer (Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 16 Jun 1657 at Braintree, Mass. She married Jacob Aldrich, son of George Aldrich and Catherine Seald, on 3 May 1695. She died in 1707.

Children of Huldah3 Thayer and Jacob Aldrich were as follows:

Generation Four

5. Hon. Thomas4 Thayer (Thomas3, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 14 Jan 1694. He married Ruth Darling, daughter of John Darling and Elizabeth Morse, on 5 Jan 1714 at Mendon, Worcester, Mass.


Children of Thomas4 Thayer and Ruth Darling were as follows:

6. Jacob4 Aldrich (Huldah3Thayer, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 17 May 1676 at Braintree, Mass. He married Margary Hayward, daughter of Samuel Hayward and Mehitable Thompson, on 16 Sep 1699. He died in 1753 at Mendon, Mass.

Children of Jacob4 Aldrich and Margary Hayward were as follows:

Generation Five

7. Priscilla5 Thayer (Thomas4, Thomas3, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 6 Jun 1717. She married Moses Taft, son of Joseph Taft and Elizabeth Emerson, on 30 Oct 1737.

Children of Priscilla5 Thayer and Moses Taft all b. at Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass, were as follows:

8. Mercy5 Aldrich (Jacob4, Huldah3Thayer, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 21 Jun 1700 at Mendon. She married Israel Taft, son of Robert Taft and Elizabeth Woodward, on 19 Dec 1717. She died in 1752 at Upton, Mass.

Children of Mercy5 Aldrich and Israel Taft were as follows:

Generation Six

9. Ruth6 Taft (Priscilla5Thayer, Thomas4, Thomas3, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born in 1742 at Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass. She married Capt Joseph Chapin, son of Josiah Chapin and Mary Nelson, on 29 Mar 1758 at Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass.

Children of Ruth6 Taft and Capt Joseph Chapin were:

10. Jacob6 Taft (Mercy5Aldrich, Jacob4, Huldah3Thayer, Fernando2, Thomas1) was born on 22 Apr 1725.2 He married Esther Marsh, daughter of John Marsh and Abigail Hayward, on 13 Feb 1745. He died on 5 Mar 1803 at age 77.

Children of Jacob6 Taft and Esther Marsh were as follows:

Thomas Thayer

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