Ancestors of William Arthur Dupee

Generation One

1. William Arthur1 Dupee (William, #2)

was born in 1871 at Boston, Mass. He married Clara Ethel Purdon, daughter of John Graeme Purdon and Clara Pomeroy Rogers, on 27 Nov 1901 at Boston, Mass. He died on 25 Apr 1949 at Boston, Mass. He was buried on 27 Apr 1949 at Forest Hills Cemetary, Brookline, Mass.

He was graduated in 1895 at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.  between 1902 and 1935 at Wool Business -1945 Banker.Notes on W.A.Dupee

Generation Two

2. William Richardson2 Dupee (Cyrus, #4) William Richardson Dupee 1841 - 1911

He was a very successful wool merchant. He took his son William Arthur into the business with him. In his personal life however, he was an alcoholic and rumor has it that he had a wandering eye for the women Shortly after his wife, Jeannie Ursula  died, he married someone who the family referred to as "Aunt Lily". His two daughters, Aunt Bessie and Aunt Ursula refused ever to meet her, however, Grandmother Dupee insisted that W.A. Dupee visit his stepmother. He did once and from that time on, he never spoke of his father or his new wife.

1 was born on 10 Aug 1841 at Brighton, Mass.2 He married Jeannie Ursula Dupee (see #3), daughter of James Alexander Dupee and Abigail Elizabeth Baldwin, on 20 Apr 1866 at Brighton, Mass. He died on 19 Jan 1911 at Brookline, Mass, at age 69.2

Children of William Richardson2 Dupee and Jeannie Ursula Dupee (see #3) were as follows:

3. Jeannie Ursula2 Dupee (James, #6) Jeannie Ursula Dupee 1845 -1911

Her family was very much against her marriage to William R. 'They did not believe that cousins should marry. I suspect that James Alexander did not approve of him as a person either. James Alexander was a genealogist and he was well aware of all the intermarriage that had occurred in the family.

was born on 23 Jun 1845. She married William Richardson Dupee (see #2), son of Cyrus Dupee and Elizabeth Odell English, on 20 Apr 1866 at Brighton, Mass. She died on 1 Mar 1902 at Chestnut Hill, Mass, at age 56.

Generation Three

4. Cyrus3 Dupee (James, #8) was born on 30 Sep 1790. He married Elizabeth Odell English (see #5), daughter of John English and Elizabeth Moore, on 26 Apr 1821. He died in 1842.

Children of Cyrus3 Dupee and Elizabeth Odell English (see #5) were as follows:

5. Elizabeth Odell3 English (John, #10) was born on 12 Dec 1801. She married Cyrus Dupee (see #4), son of James Dupee and Esther Hawes, on 26 Apr 1821. She died on 23 Jul 1864 at age 62.

6. James Alexander3 Dupee (James, #12) James Alexander Dupee

James Alexander Dupee spent much of his leisure time gathering family papers and corresponding with other branches of the Dupee family, in Chicago and San Francisco. He wrote papers for the New England Genealogical and Historical Register. He was opposed to the marriage of his daughter Jeannie Ursula to William Richardson Dupee because of the intermarriage of cousins in past generations To add to that W. R. was a bit of a playboy.

was born on 22 Jun 1819. He married Abigail Elizabeth Baldwin (see #7), daughter of Josiah Baldwin and Jane McIntosh, on 9 Mar 1843. He died on 18 Oct 1886 at age 67.

Children of James Alexander3 Dupee and Abigail Elizabeth Baldwin (see #7) were:

7. Abigail Elizabeth3 Baldwin (Josiah, #14) was born on 22 Jun 1823. She married James Alexander Dupee (see #6), son of James Dupee and Ursula Plympton, on 9 Mar 1843. She died on 4 May 1859 at Boston, Mass, at age 35.

Generation Four

8. James4 Dupee (Charles, #16) was born on 7 Feb 1756 at Lowells Place, Mass. He married Esther Hawes (see #9), daughter of Ebenezer Hawes and Margaret Craig, on 22 Oct 1778; By Rev. Joseph Becira. He died on 22 Dec 1819 at Walpole, Mass, at age 63.

Children of James4 Dupee and Esther Hawes (see #9) were as follows:

9. Esther4 Hawes (Ebenezer, #18)

" In her youth a great beauty. Through her whole life, she was noted for her wonderful housekeeping and generous hospitality. Her energy was finally overcome by blindness the last two years of her life.

Taken from papers of James Alexander Dupee

was born on 13 Dec 1755. She married James Dupee (see #8), son of Charles Dupee and Hannah Smith, on 22 Oct 1778; By Rev. Joseph Becira. She died on 28 Oct 1851 at Wrentham, Mass, at age 95.

10. John4 English (John, #20) was born at Cambridge, Mass. He married Elizabeth Moore (see #11), daughter of William Moore and Sarah Williston, on 5 Dec 1799 at Boston, Mass. He died on 9 Oct 1822.

Children of John4 English and Elizabeth Moore (see #11) were:

11. Elizabeth4 Moore (William, #22) was born circa 1760. She married John English (see #10), son of John English and Elizabeth Odell, on 5 Dec 1799 at Boston, Mass. She died on 6 Aug 1811.

Reference: 1305.

12. James4 Dupee (James, #8) James Dupee moved to Wrentham where he kept a store and tavern. He was a painter and glazer. He was buried with full Masonic honors. He possessed more than the ordinary intellectual powers - with great activity and mind. His friendship was among the most cultivated people of his own and neighboring towns. He was especially fond of the French Surgres of whom there were many in Walpole, Wrentham and Franklin. The singular upheaval of limestone, back of the squires Kingsbury Place was wrought for a tome by himself, This friend, Dr. Richardson, Paul Adams of Medfield. This is still in their families. He also worked on the ---Quarry on the road to Cape Breton.

Taken from papers compiled by James Alexander Dupee

was born on 9 Aug 1787. He married Ursula Plympton (see #13), daughter of Ezekiel Plympton and Esther Boyden, on 24 Sep 1818. He died on 29 Jan 1875 at age 87.

Children of James4 Dupee and Ursula Plympton (see #13) were:

13. Ursula4 Plympton (Ezekiel, #26) was born on 4 Nov 1794. She married James Dupee (see #12), son of James Dupee and Esther Hawes, on 24 Sep 1818. She died on 17 Aug 1878 at age 83.

14. Josiah4 Baldwin (Issac, #28) married Jane McIntosh (see #15). He was born on 10 Sep 1773.

Children of Josiah4 Baldwin and Jane McIntosh (see #15) were:

15. Jane4 McIntosh married Josiah Baldwin (see #14), son of Issac Baldwin and Eunice Jennison. She was born on 12 Mar 1789. She died on 12 Sep 1849 at age 60.

Generation Five

16. Charles5 Dupee (Charles, #32) Charles Dupee - 1038

On the death of his father, Charles Dupee went to live with his guardian at Walpole Mass, Joshua Clapp, and ancestor of Mary A. Clapp Dupee. Charles, on arriving at his majority married Hannah Smith; they lived probably in what is Lowells Mave Place from the plain to the south end.

Cemetery Reading:

In memory of Charles Dupee who died Aug 12 1802 in his 68th year. --- Many are tho shapes of death and many are the ways that lead to the grave, all dismal, yet to sense more terrible at this entrance, then hither.

He probably lived on Moses Smiths Place on the road from the Main to the south and then moved to Wrentham on the border of " Great Pond called Wal - lo - mo - nee.

See copy of deed in Dupee papers. According to tradition he was an Architect. From Dupee Papers

5 Nov 1767 - took into his house, Elizabeth Bright, " a smart industrious woman" from Dedham - Page 6 Walpole

took into his house April 1778 Thomas Lawton, wife Comfort and children Samuel and William -" under low circumstances" - took in Hannah Dyer All from Cumberland RI Page 29

was born on 18 Oct 1734 at Boston, Mass. He married Hannah Smith (see #17), daughter of James Smith and Hannah Boyden, in 1755 at Walpole, Mass. He died on 5 Aug 1802 at Waltham, Mass, at age 67.

Children of Charles5 Dupee and Hannah Smith (see #17) were as follows:

17. Hannah5 Smith (James, #34) was born on 16 Jul 1737 at Walpole, Mass. She married Charles Dupee (see #16), son of Charles Dupee and Mary Pollard, in 1755 at Walpole, Mass. She died on 2 Apr 1813 at age 75.

18. Ebenezer5 Hawes (Hezekiah, #36) was born on 31 Jul 1722 at Wrentham, Mass. He married Margaret Craig (see #19), daughter of Andrew Craig and Janet Todd, on 5 Jul 1753 at Wrentham. He died on 30 Apr 1812 at Marblehead, Mass, at age 89.

Children of Ebenezer5 Hawes and Margaret Craig (see #19) were:

19. Margaret5 Craig (Andrew, #38) was born on 28 Feb 1730. She married Ebenezer Hawes (see #18), son of Hezekiah Hawes and Esther Ware, on 5 Jul 1753 at Wrentham. She died on 3 Nov 1824 at age 94.

20. John5 English died at Boston, Mass. He married Elizabeth Odell (see #21).

Children of John5 English and Elizabeth Odell (see #21) were:

21. Elizabeth5 Odell married John English (see #20). She was born in 1745. She died on 6 Jun 1830.

22. William5 Moore (William, #44) was born in 1736. He married Sarah Williston (see #23), daughter of Thomas Williston and Sarah Wormell, on 19 Jul 1759. He died on 30 Aug 1801.

Children of William5 Moore and Sarah Williston (see #23) were:

23. Sarah5 Williston (Thomas, #46) was born on 24 Jan 1734. She married William Moore (see #22), son of William Moore and Sarah (--?--), on 19 Jul 1759. She died on 9 Oct 1815 at Boston, Mass, at age 81.

(see #8 24 . James5 Dupee (Charles, #16)

(see #9 25 . Esther5 Hawes (Ebenezer, #18)

26. Ezekiel5 Plympton (Simon, #52) was born on 7 Jun 1748. He married Esther Boyden (see #27), daughter of John Boyden and Thankful Morse, on 19 Apr 1779. He died on 2 Jan 1817 at Medford, Mass, at age 68.

Children of Ezekiel5 Plympton and Esther Boyden (see #27) were:

27. Esther5 Boyden (John, #54) was born on 2 Feb 1754 at Walpole, Mass. She married Ezekiel Plympton (see #26), son of Simon Plympton and Ruth Morse, on 19 Apr 1779. She died on 10 Mar 1824 at age 70.

28. Issac5 Baldwin (Issac, #56) was born on 12 Dec 1738 at Woburn, Mass. He married Eunice Jennison (see #29), daughter of Robert Jennison and Sibilla Brintall, on 31 Dec 1761. He died on 17 Jun 1775 at Hillsborough, NH, at age 36.

Children of Issac5 Baldwin and Eunice Jennison (see #29) were:

29. Eunice5 Jennison (Robert, #58) was born on 23 Oct 1739. She married Issac Baldwin (see #28), son of Issac Baldwin and Mary Flagg, on 31 Dec 1761.



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