Descendants of Robert Townsend

Generation One

1. Sir Robert1 Townsend married Alice Poppy. He was born in 1512.


Children of Robert1 Townsend and Alice Poppy were:

Generation Two

2. Thomas2 Townsend (Robert1) married Elizabeth Peryente, daughter of George Peryente. He was born circa 1553. He died in 1591.

Children of Thomas2 Townsend and Elizabeth Peryente were:

Generation Three

3. Henry3 Townsend (Thomas2, Robert1) married Margaret Forthe, daughter of Robert Forthe. He was born in 1568. He died in 1625.

Children of Henry3 Townsend and Margaret Forthe were:

Generation Four

4. Thomas4 Townsend (Henry3, Thomas2, Robert1) married Mary Davis, daughter of Samuel Davis and Anna Norcross. He was born in 1600. He died on 22 Dec 1677.

Children of Thomas4 Townsend and Mary Davis were:

Generation Five

5. Thomas5 Townsend (Thomas4, Henry3, Thomas2, Robert1) married Mary Davis. He was born in 1646. He died on 22 Dec 1689 at Boston, Mass.

Children of Thomas5 Townsend and Mary Davis were:

Generation Six

6. Thomas (James)6 Townsend (Thomas5, Thomas4, Henry3, Thomas2, Robert1) married Alice Newell, daughter of Abraham Newell and Susanna Rand. He was born on 10 Dec 1671. He died on 22 Oct 1742 at age 70.

Children of Thomas (James)6 Townsend and Alice Newell were:

Generation Seven

7. Joshua7 Townsend (Thomas6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Henry3, Thomas2, Robert1) was born on 14 Mar 1700. He married Elizabeth White, daughter of Robert White and Elizabeth (--?--), on 11 Jan 1723. He died on 20 Jan 1790 at age 89.

Children of Joshua7 Townsend and Elizabeth White were:

Generation Eight

8. Elizabeth8 Townsend (Joshua7, Thomas6, Thomas5, Thomas4, Henry3, Thomas2, Robert1) married Nathum Willard, son of Samuel Willard and Elizabeth Phelps. She was born on 7 Oct 1724 at Bolton. She died on 20 May 1792 at Uxbridge at age 67.

Children of Elizabeth8 Townsend and Nathum Willard were:


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