September 11, 2001

Attack on America   Why??



New York 8:48 am 9:05 am                  Washington 9:43 am        Pennsylvania10:00 a.m


You underestimated us





About 6000 people have lost their lives but 25,000 00 of them escaped,. They come from about 68 countries, so this was -  

an attack not only on America but on the world.


We've Seen Hell and now we're starting to dig out

Thank you to all and many who we do not know


New York City Police Dept  

Fire Depart. and all those who have come to  help  Office of Emergency Management- the support services, they have not seen their families for days 


The Dove of Peace flies around the world from site to site. Please help her make it around the globe by taking her to your site or sending her to someone else. Let her remind us to love our neighbors and our enemies.

A personal reflection from a very fortunate family

I was at home, starting up my computer for a day's work of research. Suddenly I heard breaking news and the TV stations cut away from the morning programs. We have all seen the pictures and heard the stories. My daughter was across the street from the World Trade Center, my son was in building No. 7, and I heard later that my son-in-law was on Fulton Street. The telephone started ringing, "where are they, where are they?" As I heard later, in about an hour my son-in-law ran across the Brooklyn Bridge and my daughter ran across the Manhattan Bridge. We heard from the two of them thankfully, but my son had to stay, you see he was going to be part of the rescue and recovery. He works for the OEM. He had to stay and regroup, it would be four or five of the longest hours I have ever spent in my life wondering. 

Yes, Virginia there is a loving God

Our forefathers came here to this land for religious freedom and we have a right and responsibility to see that all people in America can pursue their own religious beliefs in freedom and free from persecution.

It is important for us as Americans to educate ourselves on Islam. The readings of the Koran do not support what these monsters did against humanity and we must not show our anger to all believers in Islam, this is a dangerous and uneducated view. Americans are better than that.



Getting back to  work

and play, sorry, I'm a Yankee fan


Celebrities are visiting the family centers

September 28, 2001

  New York Yankees all-star shortstop Derek Jeter invited the daughters of fallen pilot Victor Saracini to Wednesday night's baseball game, hoping to bring some light into what has been a dark time in their lives. The three ladies also hung out with the World Champions during batting practice where they were given Yankee jackets, gloves from Jeter, bats from third baseman Scott Brosius and a lineup card from Manager Joe Torre.


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