Descendants of John Rogers


Generation One

1. John1 Rogers was born in 1572 at Dedham, England. He died in 1636 at Dedham.

Children of John1 Rogers include:

2 i. Rev Nathaniel2 Rogers, married Margaret Crane; born 1598 at Haverhill, England.

Generation Two

2. Rev Nathaniel2 Rogers (John1) Nathaniel Rogers

Nathaniel Rogers 2nd son of John Rogers of Dedham, born at Haverhill about the year 1598, and educated at Emmanuel College. He married and preached for several years at Botching in Essex and afterwards at Assington in Suffolk. But the storm of persecution increasing he embarked with his wife and children for New England and after a passage of 168 days arrived in Boston in November 1636. On 20 February 1638 Mr. Ward the Minister at Ipswich resigned and Mr. Rogers in connection with Mr. John Norton, were both ordained the one the pastor, the other the teacher of the Church at Ipswich, where numbers of his descendants remain. He died July 3 1655 aged 57 years. Dr Cotton Mather says of him, " He was one of the greatest men that ever set foot on American Strand."

Rev Nathaniel Rogers was of Emmanuel and preached his first sermon at Sproughton 1619. He was given charge of a large congregation at Boking County Essex under Dr Barkham, but refusing to wear the surplice, he was advised by Dr Barkham to seek some other place. He preached for five years at Assington County, but perceiving the storm approaching. He resigned his place and resolved to move to America. He was invited by some emigrants in his father's parish to settle with them in Dedham New England, but as all could not be accommodated there, he accompanied the rest to Ipswich. There he took the place of Rev Nathaniel Ward (a stepson of his great uncle Richard of Weathersfield) whose ill health obliged him to give up his pastoral charge, " In whose stead the church called to office this holy man of God whose labors in this western world have been very great, a very sweet heavenly minded man."

He was ordained in Ipswich Feb 20 1638. Cotton Mather calls him one of the greatest men that ever set foot on American (strand) land. Though usually cheerful, he had some seasons of great despondency. During his last sickness, he was full of pleasant conversation and one of his last acts was to bless the three children of his only daughter, Margaret, wife of Rev William Hubbard who had been particularly dutiful to him. He expired in the afternoon of July 3 1655, aged 57. His last words were, "My times a re in thy hands". He had six children married Margaret Crane, daughter of Robert Crane and Mary Sparhawk of Cogshill Essex. He was born in 1598 at Haverhill, England. He died on 3 Jun 1665 at Ipswich, Mass.

. He was graduated in 1684 at Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass; _________, New England Historical and Genealogical Register in no series (: NEGHS, Boston Mass, n.d.), Vol. 5 page 148.

Children of Rev Nathaniel2 Rogers and Margaret Crane were as follows:

3 i. Ezekiel3 Rogers died on 5 Jul 1674.

+ 4 ii. Margaret Rogers married William Hubbard.

+ 5 iii. John Rogers, born Jan 1632 at Cogshill, Essex, England; married Elizabeth Dennison.

6 iv. Nathaniel Rogers was born on 20 Sep 1632 at Assington, Suffolk; In 1636, ' he was a trooper against the Indians; _________, New England Historical and Genealogical, Vol. 5 page 142. He died on 14 Jun 1680 at age 47.

7 v. Samuel Rogers married Judith Appleton, daughter of Samuel Appleton and Mary Everand, at Ipswich, Mass. He was born on 16 Jan 1635. He married Sarah Wade on 13 Nov 1661. He died on 21 Dec 1693 at Ipswich at age 58.

8 vi. Timothy Rogers was born on 9 Nov 1638.

He was before 1688 - Merchant, Boston, Mass.

Generation Three

4. Margaret3 Rogers (Nathaniel2, John1) married William Hubbard, son of William Hubbard and Judith (--?--).

Children of Margaret3 Rogers and William Hubbard were as follows:

9 i. Nathaniel4 Hubbard.

10 ii. Margaret Hubbard.

11 iii. John Hubbard married Ann Leverett, daughter of Rev.-Hon John Leverett and Sarah Sedgwick. He was born in 1648. He died on 8 Jan 1710.

5. John3 Rogers (Nathaniel2, John1) Rev John Rogers - 117

Rev John Rogers, grandson of the Martyr (see correction of this farther on) He was the nephew of Rev Richard Rogers of Weathersfield, who educated him at Cambridge University He was the Minister at Haverhill Suffolk, whence he removed to Dedham Essex, and was a popular and powerful preacher there for many years. He was called by the Rev Mr. Hooker of Connecticut, " The prince of all preachers in England ". He was thrice married and died in 1636. His monument, one of the most striking in the village burying ground of Dedham is yet to be seen there.

Rev John Rogers was born in Hemingham County Norfolk, England. He was the nephew of the Rev Richard Rogers of Weathersfield England, who in his youth had charge of him, his parents having died early. It has been said that they were descended from the Martyr John Rogers, but recent researchers have proved that such a descent is very improbable. In his youth, he was very fond of pleasure and disinclined to a studious life, and he twice left the University of Cambridge and sold his books, but his Uncle Richard sent him back the third time and a great change made him, " an illustrious ornament to the College and a man of exemplary piety". He became the vicar of Hemingham County Norfolk in 1592, and afterwards Minister of Haverhill County Suffolk, whence he removed to Dedham County Essex where he preached for many years and died there Oct 8, and 636. His manner of preaching was original and very striking so that the church was always crowded with people from all the country around. Bishop Brownrig said of him, "He did more good with his wild notes than we Bishops with our set music". Being a through Puritan, through most of his quiet and peaceful behavior, his lectures were suppressed by Bishop Laud. He then said, " If I come into trouble for non conformity, I resolve with Gods assistance to come away with a clear conscience, for through the liberty of my ministry be dear to me, I dare not buy it at such a price. Rev. Hooker of Conn. was accustomed to speak of him as " the Prince of all Preachers in England.

Mr. Rogers was thrice married. The name of his first wife is unknown. Nathaniel was the first son, some say the second; he was born at Haverhill about 1598. was born in Jan 1632 at Cogshill, Essex, England. He married Elizabeth Dennison, daughter of Major Gen. Daniel Dennison and Patience Dudley, on 14 Nov 1660. He died on 2 Jul 1684 at Cambridge, Mass, at age 52.

He was in 1676 at Pres. of Harvard College.
Children of John
3 Rogers and Elizabeth Dennison were as follows:

+ 12 i. Elizabeth4 Rogers, born 26 Feb 1661; married Hon John Appleton.

13 ii. Margaret Rogers was born on 18 Feb 1664. She married Thomas Berry on 28 Dec 1686. She married Rev.-Hon John Leverett, son of Thomas Leverett and Anne Fisher, on 25 Nov 1697 at by Dr Cotton Mather, Boston, Mass. She died on 7 Jun 1720 at Boston, Mass, at age 56.

+ 14 iii. Rev. John Rogers, born 7 Jul 1666 at Ipswich, Mass; married Martha Whittingham.

+ 15 iv. Daniel Rogers, married Sarah Appleton; born 25 Sep 1666 at Ipswich, Mass.

+ 16 v. Nathaniel Rogers, married Sarah Purkiss; born 22 Feb 1670.

+ 17 vi. Patience Rogers, married Benjamin Marston; born 13 May 1676.

Generation Four

12. Elizabeth4 Rogers (John3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born on 26 Feb 1661. She married Hon John Appleton, son of John Appleton and Patricia Glover, on 23 Nov 1681. She died on 13 Mar 1754 at Ipswich, Mass, at age 93; ibid, Vol. 5 Page 144.

Children of Elizabeth4 Rogers and Hon John Appleton were as follows:

18 i. Daniel5 Appleton was born on 8 Aug 1682. He died in 1784.


19 ii. Elizabeth Appleton was born on 23 Oct 1682 at Ipswich. She died in 1732.


20 iii. Nathaniel Appleton was born on 9 Dec 1693.

He was also known as Rev. Reference: 314.

21 iv. Priscilla Appleton was born on 3 Jan 1697. She died on 22 Jun 1721 at age 24.


22 v. Margaret Appleton married Rev. Edward Holyoke. She was born on 19 Mar 1701. She died on 25 Jun 1740 at age 39.


14. Rev. John4 Rogers (John3, Nathaniel2, John1) John Rogers - /3

John Rogers was the son of President John Rogers born at Ipswich July 7th 1666 and graduated at Harvard College in 1684 and in October 1692 and was ordained colleague with Rev Mr. Hubbard in the Ministry at Ipswich. His colleague was subsequently was Rev Jabez Fitch and afterwards his son Rev Nathaniel. He married March 4 1691, Martha Whittingham, daughter of William Whittingham of Ipswich. He died Dec 20 1745, and his wife March 9 1759

(Nathaniel, one of the children was the grandfather to the Rogers now (1850) of Salem Mass. Their father's name was also Nathaniel. He was a teacher at Salem, and dying at an early age, his widow followed the same calling) Rev John Rogers first wife was Martha Smith whom he married in1687; ibid, Vol. 5 page 148 * was born on 7 Jul 1666 at Ipswich, Mass; ibid. He married Martha Whittingham, daughter of William Whittingham and Mary Lawrence, on 4 Mar 1691. He died on 28 Dec 1745 at Ipswich, Mass, at age 79; ibid.

Children of Rev. John4 Rogers and Martha Whittingham were as follows:

+ 23 i. Mary Whittingham5 Rogers, married John Wise.

24 ii. John Rogers married Susannah Whipple. He was born on 19 Jan 1692. He died on 6 Oct 1773 at Eliot, Maine, at age 81.

25 iii. Martha Rogers was born on 2 Nov 1694. She married Thomas Berry in 1714. She died in 1727.

26 iv. William Rogers was born in Jun 1699.

27 v. Nathaniel Rogers was born on 4 Mar 1702. He died in 1795.

28 vi. Richard Rogers married Mary Crampton, daughter of Francis Crampton. He was born on 2 Dec 1703.

+ 29 vii. Daniel Rogers, born 28 Jul 1707 at Ipswich, Mass; married Anna Foxcroft.

30 viii. Elizabeth Rogers was born on 28 Jul 1707.

31 ix. Samuel Rogers was born in 1709. He died on 21 Jan 1772.

He was also known as Col.

15. Daniel4 Rogers (John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Sarah Appleton, daughter of John Appleton and Patricia Glover. He was born on 25 Sep 1666 at Ipswich, Mass. He died on 1 Dec 1722 at Hampton Beach at age 56; He died in a violent snowstorm; _________, New England Historical and Genealogical, Vol. 5 page 314.

Children of Daniel4 Rogers and Sarah Appleton were as follows:

32 i. Elizabeth5 Rogers. Reference: 294.

33 ii. Priscilla Rogers. Reference: 295.

34 iii. Mary Rogers. Reference: 296.

35 iv. Sarah Rogers was born on 29 May 1695.


36 v. Margaret Rogers was born on 8 Jan 1699.


37 vi. Daniel Rogers was born in 1700. He died in Nov 1782.


38 vii. John Rogers was born on 16 Sep 1706.


39 viii. Patience Rogers was born on 4 Sep 1710.


16. Nathaniel4 Rogers (John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Sarah Purkiss, daughter of George Purkiss. He was born on 22 Feb 1670.

Children of Nathaniel4 Rogers and Sarah Purkiss were as follows:

40 i. Sarah5 Rogers.

41 ii. Elizabeth Rogers.

42 iii. Mary Rogers.

43 iv. Daniel Rogers was also known as Hon.
44 v. Margaret Rogers.

45 vi. Rev.- Dr. Nathaniel Rogers was born in 1700. He died on 15 Nov 1746.


17. Patience4 Rogers (John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Benjamin Marston. She was born on 13 May 1676.

Children of Patience4 Rogers and Benjamin Marston were:

46 i. Benjamin5 Marston was also known as Hon. Reference: 311.

Generation Five

23. Mary Whittingham5 Rogers (John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married John Wise, son of Rev. John Wise and Abigail Gardiner. She died on 18 Oct 1725.

Children of Mary Whittingham5 Rogers and John Wise were as follows:

47 i. John6 Wise.

48 ii. Joseph Wise.

49 iii. Mary Wise.

29. Daniel5 Rogers (John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) Daniel Rogers

-- Daniel Rogers was born at Ipswich Mass July 28 1707 and was graduated at Harvard College 1725. He was for many years one of the tutors of that Institution. A silver can was presented to him by his Students and engraved with a coat of arms etc, and is in the possession of one of his grandchildren, early in life he was ordained a preacher but over no particular church, preferring occasional supply of destitute churches to an early settlement. He was much acquainted with Mr. Whitfield, traveling with him through various parts of the country. He offered prayer at the funeral of Mr. Whitfield, who was buried at Newburyport, and was also one of the pallbearers. In August 1748 he was ordained pastor over a newly gathered Church at Exeter in New Hampshire and continued there until his death on 10 December 1785. A marker in the upper burying ground in Exeter marks the place of his burial. He married in the same year of his settlement (1748) Anna Foxcroft, daughter of Rev Thomas Foxcroft of Boston from Family Papers

Rogers - Daniel Ipswich, son of President John - He was a schoolmaster, town clerk and register of probate although his handwriting is ill and he perished in a cold snowstorm on Hampton Beach on I Dec 1722 See Genealogical Register VI 1642

Savage III page 559

; _________, New England Historical and Genealogical Register in no series (n.p. n.d.), Vol. 5 page 323 was born on 28 Jul 1707 at Ipswich, Mass; ibid. He married Anna Foxcroft, daughter of Rev Thomas Foxcroft and Anna Coney, on 20 Sep 1748. He died on 30 Sep 1770 at Exeter, NH, at age 63; ibid. He was buried on 2 Oct 1770 at Exeter. He was (an unknown value) at 1st Minister of the 2nd Church, Exeter. He was graduated in 1725 at Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass; He was a tutor for 9 years and a fellow of the Corporation; _________, New England Historical and Genealogical, Vol. 5 page 323.

Children of Daniel5 Rogers and Anna Foxcroft were as follows:

+ 50 i. Thomas6 Rogers married Abigail Bridge.

51 ii. John Whittingham Rogers.

52 iii. Elizabeth Rogers died at Exeter. She married Thomas Gilman, son of John Ward Gilman.

53 iv. William Rogers.

54 v. Anna Rogers died at Exeter. She was born on 25 Jul 1749.

+ 55 vi. Daniel Dennison Rogers, married Abigail Bromfield; born 11 May 1751 at Boston, Mass; married Elizabeth Bromfield.

56 vii. Martha Rogers;; ibid, Vol 5 page 330 was born in 1762; ibid. She died in 1840; ibid.

Generation Six

50. Thomas6 Rogers (Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Abigail Bridge. He died in 1799.

He lived at Boston.

Children of Thomas6 Rogers and Abigail Bridge were:

57 i. John G.7 Rogers.

55. Daniel Dennison6 Rogers (Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Abigail Bromfield, daughter of Col. Henry Bromfield and Margaret Fayerweather. He was born on 11 May 1751 at Boston, Mass. He married Elizabeth Bromfield, daughter of Col. Henry Bromfield and Hannah Clarke, on 18 Jan 1796 at Boston, Mass. He died in 1825 at Boston, Mass.

There were no children of Daniel Dennison6 Rogers and Abigail Bromfield.

Children of Daniel Dennison6 Rogers and Elizabeth Bromfield were as follows:

+ 58 i. Elizabeth7 Rogers, born 11 Sep 1798; married Jacob T Slade.

59 ii. Daniel Dennison Rogers was born on 22 Jan 1799. He died on 4 Jun 1803 at age 4.

+ 60 iii. John Rogers, born 11 May 1800 at Boston, Mass; married Sarah Ellen Derby.

+ 61 iv. Henry Bromfield Rogers, born 4 Apr 1802; married Ann Perkins.

+ 62 v. Hannah Rogers, married William Powell Mason; born 21 Dec 1806.

Generation Seven

58. Elizabeth7 Rogers (Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born on 11 Sep 1798. She married Jacob T Slade on 13 May 1819. She died on 18 Aug 1826 at age 27.

She was also known as Slade.

Children of Elizabeth7 Rogers and Jacob T Slade were as follows:

+ 63 i. Elizabeth Bromfield8 Slade, married Henry Schmidt; born 23 Mar 1821.

+ 64 ii. Daniel Dennison Slade, married Mary Louise Hensler; born 10 May 1823.

65 iii. Mary Ellen Slade was born on 10 May 1823. She died on 25 May 1845 at age 22.

60. John7 Rogersjrogers.gif (221626 bytes) (Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) John Rogers, A.M., & resident member, admitted Jan. 9,1874, was born in Boston May 11, 1800, and died in same place June 15, 1884, aged 84 years, I month and 4 days.

His father was Daniel Dennison Rogers, born in Exeter, N. H. May II, 1751, and his mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Bromfield, of Boston. In a brief record which he made of his own life and his ancestry he says: " I claim descent from John Rogers the Martyr, but am aware there is a deficiency of evidence beyond John Rogers, minister of Dedham in England. From him, however, the succession is clearly established." It has, however, been very definitely settled that John Rogers the Martyr was not theancestor of the famous Puritan minister of Dedham.

The descent of Mr. Rogers from John Rogers of Dedham, Eng., runs through Nathaniel Rogers, Minister of Ipswich, Mass from 1638 to l655, who was educated at Cambridge University, Eng. His son John Rogers, was graduated at Harvard College in 1649, was assistant minister with his father at Ipswich, and was afterwards president of the college. A son of the last named was John Rogers, who was graduated at Harvard in 1684, and was minister also at Ipswich from 1693 to 1745. A son of the last John was Daniel, graduated at Harvard in 1725, and minister at Exeter. N. H., from 1742 to 1785. Here are five continuous generations of ministers. A son of the Exeter pastor was Daniel Denison, already noticed.

The Subject of this sketch followed in the ways of his ancestors, and in the year 1819, at the age of sixteen, he entered Harvard, and was graduated in 1820.

He was united in marriage June 5. 1827, with Miss Sarah Ellen Derby, daughter of John Derby, Esq., of Salem. By the marriage there were eight children; Ellen Derby, John (the Well-Known sculptor), Laura Derby, Clara Pomeroy, Martha Derby, Elizabeth Bromfield, Frances S. and Henry B.

One who has lived in the daily knowledge of his later life, says of him: " He was a man of singular purity and uprightness of character, perfectly disinterested and unselfish, and thorough gentleman, but of great reserve, so that his outside relations were few, though he was deeply interested in all the questions of the day. He held the position of president of the Roxbury Charitable Society for some years, and he was also president of the Roxbury Home for Aged Women for many years. This latter office he resigned two or. three years before his death on account of increasing deafness, which made it difficult for him to preside at the monthly meetings. He was also treasurer of the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad for some years. and was treasurer of the Music Hall Association when the Music Hall was first built."

John Rogers was the son of Daniel Dennison Rogers, born May II 1800. He was educated at Harvard College and graduated in 1820, and soon after commenced business in Boston. He married June 5 1827, Sarah Ellen Derby, Oldest daughter of John Derby Esq. of Salem Mass, (Mrs. Rogers died Feb. 15 1877 aged 71 years 9 months) In Sept 1830, Mr. Rogers and his family moved from Boston to Cincinnati Ohio where he resided until 1835 when he returned to New England and took up residence in Northampton Mass. whence he moved to Roxbury Mass in the Autumn of 1841.

From Family Papers

was born on 11 May 1800 at Boston, Mass. He married Sarah Ellen Derby, daughter of John Derby and Eleanor Foster Coffin, on 5 Feb 1827 at Boston, Mass. He died on 15 Jun 1884 at Boston, Mass, at age 84.

Children of John7 Rogers and Sarah Ellen Derby were as follows:

66 i. Ellen Derby8 Rogers was born on 23 Mar 1828. She died on 22 Feb 1894 at age 65.

+ 67 ii. John Rogers, born 30 Oct 1829; married Harriet Francis.

68 iii. Laura Derby Rogers was born on 4 Jun 1832. She died on 8 Sep 1833 at age 1.

69 iv. Laura Derby Rogers was born on 6 Nov 1834.

+ 70 v. Henry Bromfield Rogers, born 20 Nov 1837; married Frances Stetson.

+ 71 vi. Clara Pomeroy Rogers, born 13 Nov 1838 at Northampton, Mass; married John Graeme Purdon.

+ 72 vii. Martha Derby Rogers, born 27 Oct 1840 at Northampton, Mass; married Dr. John Gardner Perry.

73 viii. Elizabeth Rogers was born on 5 Dec 1844.

74 ix. Frances Stetson Rogers was born on 5 Dec 1844.

61. Henry Bromfield7 Rogers (Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) Henry Bromfield Rogers -

Henry Bromfield, another of the sons of Daniel Dennison Rogers, was graduated at Harvard in 1822. He studied law at Litchfield, Conn and settled in Boston. He married Sept 12 1832 Annie M. Perkins daughter of Thomas Perkins Esq. by whom he had one child, Annette Perkins, born March 6th 1841. Mrs Rogers died Dec 5 1880, aged 75.
Mr. Henry Bromfield Rogers died March 30 1887 was born on 4 Apr 1802. He married Ann Perkins, daughter of Thomas Perkins and Anna Powell, on 12 Sep 1832. He died on 30 Mar 1877 at age 74.

Children of Henry Bromfield7 Rogers and Ann Perkins were:

75 i. Annette Perkins8 Rogers was born on 16 Mar 1840.

62. Hannah7 Rogers (Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married William Powell Mason, son of Jonathan Mason and Susannah Powell. She was born on 21 Dec 1806. She died on 19 Jun 1872 at age 65.

Children of Hannah7 Rogers and William Powell Mason were as follows:

76 i. Elizabeth Rogers8 Mason was born on 25 May 1834.

77 ii. William Powell Mason was born on 7 Sep 1836.

78 iii. Edward Bromfield Mason was born on 2 Jul 1837. He died on 14 Sep 1863 at age 26.

Generation Eight

63. Elizabeth Bromfield8 Slade (Elizabeth7Rogers, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Henry Schmidt. She was born on 23 Mar 1821. She died on 10 May 1880 at age 59.

Children of Elizabeth Bromfield8 Slade and Henry Schmidt were as follows:

79 i. William Powell Mason9 Schmidt.

80 ii. George Hovey Schmidt.

81 iii. Arthur Bromfield Schmidt was born on 23 Feb 1845. He died on 15 Sep 1865 at age 20.

82 iv. Mary Ellen Schmidt was born on 18 Aug 1847. She died on 6 May 1849 at age 1.

83 v. Henry Schmidt was born in 1850.

84 vi. Daniel Dennison Schmidt was born in 1853.

64. Daniel Dennison8 Slade (Elizabeth7Rogers, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) married Mary Louise Hensler. He was born on 10 May 1823.

Children of Daniel Dennison8 Slade and Mary Louise Hensler were as follows:

85 i. Elizabeth9 Slade.

86 ii. Dennison Rogers Slade was born on 7 May 1857.

87 iii. Henry Bromfield Slade was born on 6 Jun 1859. He died on 23 Mar 1879 at age 19.

88 iv. Ellen Louise Slade was born on 18 Dec 1860.

89 v. Margaret Bromfield Slade was born on 15 Oct 1862.

90 vi. Susan Jackson Slade was born on 26 Sep 1865.

91 vii. Anna Perkins Anna Perkins Slade was born on 14 Aug 1867.

92 viii. Federica Slade was born on 23 Sep 1869.

93 ix. Conrad Hesler Slade was born on 4 Mar 1871.

94 x. Edward Slade was born on 7 Feb 1873.

95 xi. Harriet Elder Slade was born on 15 Oct 1879.

67. John8 Rogers (John7, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born on 30 Oct 1829. He married Harriet Francis, daughter of Charles Francis, in Apr 1865.

Children of John8 Rogers and Harriet Francis were as follows:

96 i. John9 Rogers was born on 19 Feb 1866.

97 ii. Catherine Rebecca Rogers was born on 29 Jun 1868.

98 iii. Charles Francis Rogers was born on 20 Feb 1870.

99 iv. Derby Rogers was born on 15 Dec 1871.

100 v. Alexander Parker Rogers was born on 25 May 1876.

101 vi. David Francis Rogers was born on 15 Apr 1877.

102 vii. Laura Rogers was born on 3 Aug 1879. She died on 1 Nov 1897 at age 18.

70. Henry Bromfield8 Rogers (John7, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born on 20 Nov 1837. He married Frances Stetson on 10 Jan 1865. He died on 15 Oct 1872 at age 34.

Children of Henry Bromfield8 Rogers and Frances Stetson were as follows:

103 i. Henry Bromfield9 Rogers was born on 4 Jul 1866.

104 ii. Laura Derby Rogers was born on 12 Aug 1867. She died on 2 Jul 1911 at age 43.

105 iii. Francis Stetson Rogers was born on 14 Apr 1870. He died in 1953 at New York, NY.  He was an Opera Singer in 1918 at World War I.

71. Clara Pomeroy8 Rogers (John7, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) CLARA ROGERS PURDON 1858-1907/crp.JPG (23476 bytes)

From the letter of Cousin Frank Rogers

"Aunt Clara Purdon had a lovely personality in all "ways., very slender and of medium height in reality. She carried herself so beautifully that her appearance was always Impressive. As a girl she had been trained to hold herself erect, and to the end of her life she never leaned against anything or curved her back.. She walked with a smooth appearance that I have never seen surpassed by any other woman, even professional dancers. So far as, I know she was never active physically; probably most of her store of vitality had been exhausted by her frequent pregnancies. Her one excursion to the outside world was a pleasure trip to Europe in the summer of 1896.

She had considerable facial beauty which was marred by the flatness of her nose possibly her nose had been injured in childhood. Her brow was noticeably beautiful, usually low. Surmounted by thick, growing, wavy graying hair. parted in the middle. Her voice in keeping with her whole personality was always mellow and gentle in tone. She had I believe no interests outside her home———— in any case she was a wonderfully lovable selfless lady who spent a reasonably long life in doing her best to contribute to the happiness of her domestic circle. She died at the age of seventy."

In his diary grandpa Purdon comments frequently about her headaches and toothaches.

She was born on 13 Nov 1838 at Northampton, Mass. She married John Graeme Purdon, son of John Purdon and Mary Brian Boyle, on 13 Nov 1863 at Roxbury, Mass; They sailed for China the day after they were married. She died in 1907 at Boston, Mass.


Children of Clara Pomeroy8 Rogers and John Graeme Purdon were as follows:

106 i. Ellen9 Purdon.

107 ii. James Purdon.

108 iii. May Purdon.

109 iv. Arthur Graeme Purdon.

110 v. Frances Purdon.

111 vi. John Clarence Rogers Purdon married Margaret Foss. He was born on 15 Jun 1866 at Hong Kong, China.

112 vii. Clara Ethel Purdon;;

Ethel Purdon was born in Shanghai China where her father was active in trading. I remember her as a very 'warm arid humorous person. As children Jimmy and I used (to spend some summers in Mass. with. our: Grandparents. I have two recollections of those summers; one time, there: was a storm and. as a 4-year-old I guess was afraid. The memory of having hot chocolate, sitting on Grandma's bed and listening to stories of the Derbys and Coffins. She had a. way of telling these tales as adventure stories. Gradually the fear seemed to disappear; I was told later by Aunt Jeannie that episode took place during the hurricane of 1938. Another fleeting memory; we were sitting on the porch in Nahant. I was about 8 or 9. I guess she must have known that she was getting sick because she asked me to remember the stories that she told, so I could tell them to my cousins. She said since I was the oldest grandchild that I had a responsibility to tell these stones when she could no longer do it Even then she made me feel very important and I felt that I had a responsibility

We used to spend every other Christmas at 275 Marlboro. Every Saturday night we would have roast chicken and I can remember that Grandma would always carve, she said Grandpa, always made a mess of it. During the day I would go into her room. sit on the chaise with her and help put the genealogy book together, she would let me use the iron to put in the pictures. The Introduction to that book explained her great interest and her desire to have future generations learn about their ancestors.

Grandma had so many wonderful (qualities however when it came to cooking, she could not boil an. egg. I remember tea at 4' o'clock. Grandma with the tea service, cookies, cake and watercress sandwiches. We always had tea in the downstairs drawing room. Then cocktails in the living room and then dinner

She was a good mother and wife. I am quite sure that she believed that a woman's place was in the home, caring for the children, house and whatever else she would have to do to please her husband. She would probably have wanted her granddaughters be brought up to in the same manner. I wonder what she would think of today's modern woman.

She was baptized at Shanghai, China. She died at Boston. She was born on 20 Dec 1875 at Shanghai, China. She married William Arthur Dupee, son of William Richardson Dupee and Jeannie Ursula Dupee, on 27 Nov 1901 at Boston, Mass. She died on 25 Nov 1953 at Boston, Mass, USA, at age 77. She was buried on 27 Nov 1953 at Forest Hills Cemetery, Brookline, Mass.

72. Martha Derby8 Rogers (John7, Daniel6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Nathaniel2, John1) was born on 27 Oct 1840 at Northampton, Mass. She married Dr. John Gardner Perry on 19 Mar 1863.



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