Descendants of James Robinson

Generation One

1. James1 Robinson was born at England. He married Wyntjen Klaarwater, daughter of Theunis Jacobsen Klaarwater and Maritje Hannsen (Vos), on 2 Mar 1712 at Kingston, NY.

He was also known as Robbersen.

Children of James1 Robinson and Wyntjen Klaarwater were as follows:

Generation Two

2. James2 Robinson (James1) was born on 19 Apr 1713 at Kingston, NY. He married Jane Osterhaudt, daughter of Gysbert Osterhaudt and Marretjen Bogardus, on 17 Jan 1739 at Claverack, NY.

Children of James2 Robinson and Jane Osterhaudt were:

Generation Three

3. James3 Robinson (James2, James1) married Sarah Drake, daughter of Issac Drake and Ruth Martin. He was born on 2 Nov 1740 at Athens, NY.

Children of James3 Robinson and Sarah Drake were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Henry4 Robinson (James3, James2, James1) was born on 7 May 1782 at Linlithgo, NY. He married Ann Buchan, daughter of Robert Buchan and Ann (--?--), on 10 Jan 1810. He died on 12 Mar 1866 at Newburg, NY, at age 83.

Children of Henry4 Robinson and Ann Buchan were as follows:

Generation Five

5. Mary5 Robinson (Henry4, James3, James2, James1) was born on 10 Sep 1810. She married James Benkard, son of Johann Philip Benkard and Susan Muller, on 10 Oct 1831.

Children of Mary5 Robinson and James Benkard were:


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