Descendants of Edmund Rice

Generation One

1. Edmund1

married Thomasine Frost, daughter of Edward Frost and Thomasine Belgrave. He was born in 1594 at Barnhamstead, Hertshire, England. He died on 3 May 1663 at Malborough, Mass.

Children of Edmund1 Rice and Thomasine Frost were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Matthew2 Rice (Edmund1) married Martha Lamston, daughter of Barnabas Lamston, on 2 Nov 1654. He died on 30 Dec 1717 at Sudbury, Mass.

Children of Matthew2 Rice and Martha Lamston were:

3. Henry2 Rice (Edmund1) was born in Feb 1619 at England. He married Elizabeth Moore, daughter of John Moore and Elizabeth Whale, in 1642. He died on 10 Feb 1710 at Framingham, Mass.

Children of Henry2 Rice and Elizabeth Moore were:

Generation Three

4. Issac3 Rice (Matthew2, Edmund1) was born on 1 May 1668. He married Sybilla Collins, daughter of Samuel Collins and Mary Marvin, on 27 May 1690. He died on 4 Feb 1717 at age 48.

Children of Issac3 Rice and Sybilla Collins were as follows:

5. David3 Rice (Henry2, Edmund1) was born on 27 Dec 1669 at Sudbury, Mass. He married Hannah Walker, daughter of Thomas Walker and Mary (--?--), on 8 Apr 1687. He died on 16 Oct 1723 at age 53.

Children of David3 Rice and Hannah Walker were as follows:

Generation Four

6. Sibilla4 Rice (Issac3, Matthew2, Edmund1) was born on 6 Sep 1691 at Framingham, Mass. She married Phinehas Brintall, son of Thomas Brintall and Hannah Willard, on 29 May 1716.

Children of Sibilla4 Rice and Phinehas Brintall were:

7. Elizabeth4 Rice (David3, Henry2, Edmund1) was born on 8 Sep 1689. She married Samuel Frost, son of Thomas Frost and Mary Goodrich Gibbs, on 1 Feb 1710.

Children of Elizabeth4 Rice and Samuel Frost were:

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