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Wednesday, July 13, Amsterdam - Rhine Cruise - Rhineland (Hoffheim)

   We are now on our way to Germany and itís awesome. We got a bonus today and we are stopping in Cologne in Germany for lunch and to look at the cathedral. We just looked at the church, absolutely massive and intimidating. We had lunch in the square. I had some sandwich and Espresso macchiato amazing. The people here are pretty normal but we realize they are easing us into Europe because now we have to learn the language! The people are unique. One thing that I find quite unique and interesting is the Audubon. The highway that Hitler had built when he was planning to take over Europe. No speed limit. Some people are going 160 klm/ Some parts are 16 lanes wide, its nuts!!


We went to the little village of St Goar after taking the most beautiful cruise on the Rhine River. So many castles, REAL castles, also the statue of the lovely, beautiful mermaid that lured sailors to their deaths. It was awesome to chill on a river that has been traveled for thousands of years. AMAZING! We went to a beer stein demo. I bought one for myself. We went to a traditional German dinner where we got some pork and sauce, veggies and weird noodles. It was pretty good. We got back to the hotel, which was nice, and went straight to the bar for Nikkiís birthday. Had some drinks and finally got good nights sleep. This trip really is amazing and itís only the 5th day. Iíve seen so much and itís just great. Amazing 


Germany is officially my favorite country! The beer hall was amazing. Just people everywhere drinking huge **/* beers. People were singing and dancing and having a great old time. I gave Robbie when trying to prast (cheer) ha ha ha; I came back with this pen and a keychain with my picture and a pack of butts. Apparently some local **/* was slapping my ass. Everyone really let loose and went absolutely nuts. Earlier we had seen the worldís largest cuckoo clock and saw some historical sites.  Germany is more beautiful than I thought.




Thursday, July 14  Rhineland (Hoffheim) - Heidelburg - Munich.
July 15 Munich - Innsbruck - Venice

Today we started off with a drive to Heidelberg, the University town. Amazing! We climbed about a million stairs to go up to see this huge castle and see the breathtaking view of the city, all of the orange roofs and grids. Just amazing. We went down to the town and it was adorable. All the streets were cobblestone and the shops were quaint. I got some stickers, which made no sense. We also made a stop at the Cologne Cathedral, which isnít even describable. It is one of the oldest medieval castle around. I actually got anxiety from the site of this huge castle. When you walk up to it, the size engulfs you and its razor sharp architecture and design makes your heart race.


Drea, Sharon and I enjoyed a lunch outside. They only spoke german and I forgot my book on the bus so Ii pointed at a sandwich that looked like salami. It was interesting. Here is also where I had my first espresso in Europe. Good **/*. We traveled on and suddenly the mountains slouched into the horizon and we reached the rolling hills of Italy
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