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Sunday, July 10, 2005

            What a day yesterday!

            I basically was up for 48 hours straight! I cried like a retard on the plane, a mixture of absolute fear and missing everyone. Customs in London was absolute hell! An hour wait and being yelled at by customs = Mel being so upset, so anyway we got back to the hotel and were able to check in immediately. I got my own room! So as soon as we put our things in our room we grabbed a tube schedule and went on our way!  Turns out we ended up using the local double-decker bus to the Wellington Arch and got off and discovered London.


We walked around Kensington Gardens and found Dianaís Memorial. We soaked our feet and I walked across it (fountain), which u arenít supposed to do, I guess. We then went into Kensington Palace and took a tour, it was gorgeous! So many jewels, dresses and artifacts. It made me appreciate all the beautiful things in Grandmaís house.
We then went to Westminster and the Tower of London. We walked around and took pics. Big Ben is cool. We had lunch in a traditional Pub. We had fish ní Chips and big beers.
 We went down to Trafalgar Square and found our way to Piccadilly Circus and found the RED LIGHT DISTRICT. Girls in the streets and gay guys everywhere. We went around Buckingham Palace.
  We walked so much and by 10.30 I was out like a light. I was kind of upset because I was alone but when I woke up at 4.45 A.M. I was able to meet people and get excited. There are people here from Australia, L.A., Detroit, Canada and I am sure other places but I havenít met everyone yet. We are on our way to Amsterdam so I will write to u later.


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