Descendants of Lewis Williams


Generation One

1. Lewis1 Williams married Lettice Parry, daughter of James Parry. He died in 1735.

Children of Lewis1 Williams and Lettice Parry were as follows:

Generation Two

2. John2 Williams (Lewis1) married Mary (--?--).

Children of John2 Williams and Mary (--?--) were:

Generation Three

3. David3 Williams (John2, Lewis1) married Anna Evans, daughter of John Evans. He was born in 1720. He died in 1812 at PA.

Children of David3 Williams and Anna Evans were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Martha4 Williams (David3, John2, Lewis1) married James Boyle, son of Richard Boyle, at Penn. She was born on 14 Aug 1755.

She was also known as Boyle.

Children of Martha4 Williams and James Boyle were as follows:

5. Mordecai4 Williams (David3, John2, Lewis1) was born on 6 Jun 1757.

Children of Mordecai4 Williams and an unknown spouse were as follows:

6. Daniel4 Williams (David3, John2, Lewis1) was born on 8 Feb 1762.

Children of Daniel4 Williams and an unknown spouse were as follows:

Generation Five

7. Mary Brian5 Boyle (Martha4Williams, David3, John2, Lewis1) Mary Brian Boyle 1800 - 1860

Mary Brian Boyle was born in Chester Co. Pa. and raised by an Aunt with the

Quakers. She married John Purdon at the age of 18 and was a widow at 35 with 6 young

children and practically no money.


She was one of the most amiable woman that I ever knew. I have no recollections of

ever seeing her cross. I never received a whipping since I can remember

was born in 1800 at Chester, Pa. She married John Purdon, son of John Purdon and Mary Ross, in 1818 at Chester, Pa. She died on 21 Dec 1860.

She was also known as Purdon.

Children of Mary Brian5 Boyle and John Purdon were as follows:

She was also known as Allen.

8. Margaret5 Boyle (Martha4Williams, David3, John2, Lewis1) married Edward Harvey.

Children of Margaret5 Boyle and Edward Harvey were:

9. John5 Boyle (Martha4Williams, David3, John2, Lewis1).

Children of John5 Boyle and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Six

10. John Graeme6 Purdon (Mary5Boyle, Martha4Williams, David3, John2, Lewis1) JOHN GRAEME PURDON 1854-1910

John, Graeme Purdon was born in Philadelphia on July 31 1854. His father John died a

few months after he was born. The family moved several times in Phildelphia and to

Chester County when they traveled by stagecoach to reach their destination. Most of his

life is carefully detailed in his diary.


" I knew Uncle John in his last years only. He was of medium height., extreamily nervous..

restless temperament. He had been an excellent dancer in his youth and generally active.

but in his early life in China., he had broken his leg which had been so badly set by an

incompetent surgeon that he remained painfully lame for the rest of his life.

For many years his business prospered, but about the turn of the century changing

conditions in the East became increasing adverse to his interests and he decided to pull up

stakes and go home to stay. bo he transferred what remained of his fortune and bought a

house at 356 Malboro St. and settled down for the first real home he had had in many

gears. The domestic tranquillity of his new life was welcome to his affectionate nature.

but dags often must have seemed very very long to him. !In Shanghai, he had become a man

of importance in a large Anglo-American community; he was active in the business, civil

and social world, !In Boston where he had never lived he had no civil or business affairs to

occupy him and few acquaintences outside the family group. But he accepted the

situation without complaint and was always a cheerful companion.

John Graeme Purdon was a gallant gentleman of high ideals, a loyal Episcopalian, a

devoted and unselfish husband and father, a most responsive and agreeable companion"

was born on 31 Jul 1834 at Philadelphia, Pa. He married Clara Pomeroy Rogers, daughter of John Rogers and Sarah Ellen Derby, on 13 Nov 1863 at Roxbury, Mass; They sailed for China the day after they were married. He died in 1910 at Boston, Mass.

Children of John Graeme6 Purdon and Clara Pomeroy Rogers were as follows:

Generation Seven

11. Clara Ethel7 Purdon (John6, Mary5Boyle, Martha4Williams, David3, John2, Lewis1) Ethel Purdon was born in Shanghai China where her father was active in trading.:. I remember her

as a very 'warm arid humourous person. As children Jimmy and I used (to spend some summers in Mass. with. our: Grandparents. I have two recollections of those summers; one time, there: was a storm and. as a 4 year old I guess was afraid. The memory of having: hot chocolate, sitting on Grandma's bed and listening to stories of the .Derbys and Coffins. She had a. way of telling these tales as adventure stories. Gradually the fear seemed to disappear, I was told later by Aunt Jeannie that episode took place during the hurricane of 1938. Another fleeting memory; we were sitting on the porch in Nahant. I was about 8 or 9.. I guess she must have known that she was getting sick because she asked me to remember the stories that she told, so I could tell them to my cousins. She said since I was the oldest grandchild that I had a responsibility to tell these stones when she could no longer do it Even then she made me feel very important and I felt that I had a responsibility

We used to spend every other Christmas at 275 Malboro. Every Saturday night we would have roast chicken and I can remember that Grandma would always carve, she said Grandpa, always made a mess of it. During; the day i would go into her room. sit on tne chaise with her and help put the genealogy book together, she would let me use the iron to put in the pictures. The Introduction to that book explained her great interest and her desire to have future generations learn about their ancestors.

Grandma had so many wonderful (qualities however when it came to cooking, she could not boil an. egg. I remember tea at 4' o'clock. Grandma with the tea service, cookies., cake and watercress sandwiches. We always had tea in the downstairs drawing room. then cocktails in the living room and then dinner

She was a good mother and wife. I am quite sure that she believed that a woman's place was in the home!;, caring for the children, house and whatever else she would have to do to please her husband. She would probably have wanted her gnandaughters be brought up to in the same maner. I wonder what she would think of todays modern woman

She was born on 20 Dec 1875 at Shanghai, China. She married William Arthur Dupee, son of William Richardson Dupee and Jeannie Ursula Dupee, on 27 Nov 1901 at Boston, Mass. She died on 25 Nov 1953 at Boston, Mass, USA, at age 77. She was buried on 27 Nov 1953 at Forest Hills Cemetary, Brookline, Mass.

She was also known as Dupee.

Children of Clara Ethel7 Purdon and William Arthur Dupee were as follows:

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