Descendants of Edward Hawes

Generation One

1. Edward1 Hawes married Eliony Lumber on 15 Apr 1648. He died on 26 Jun 1686.

Children of Edward1 Hawes and Eliony Lumber were:

Generation Two

2. Daniel2 Hawes (Edward1) was born on 10 Feb 1652 at Wrentham, Mass. He married Abiel Gay, daughter of John Gay and Joanna Baldwicke, on 23 Feb 1677. He died on 16 Mar 1739 at Wrentham, Mass, at age 87.

Children of Daniel2 Hawes and Abiel Gay were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Hezekiah3 Hawes (Daniel2, Edward1) was born on 22 Nov 1688. He married Esther Ware, daughter of Robert Ware and Sarah Metcalf, on 17 Dec 1718. He died on 2 Jul 1777 at age 88.

Children of Hezekiah3 Hawes and Esther Ware were:

Generation Four

4. Ebenezer4 Hawes (Hezekiah3, Daniel2, Edward1) was born on 31 Jul 1722 at Wrentham, Mass. He married Margaret Craig, daughter of Andrew Craig and Janet Todd, on 5 Jul 1753 at Wrentham. He died on 30 Apr 1812 at Marblehead, Mass, at age 89.

Children of Ebenezer4 Hawes and Margaret Craig were:

Generation Five

5. Esther5 Hawes (Ebenezer4, Hezekiah3, Daniel2, Edward1) Esther Hawes -1031

" In her youth a great beauty. Through her whole life, she was noted for her wonderful housekeeping and generous hospitality. Her energy was finally overcome by blindness the last two years of her life.

Taken from papers of James Alexander Dupee

was born on 13 Dec 1755. She married James Dupee, son of Charles Dupee and Hannah Smith, on 22 Oct 1778; By Rev. Joseph Becira. She died on 28 Oct 1851 at Wrentham, Mass, at age 95.

Children of Esther5 Hawes and James Dupee were as follows:

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