Descendants of Ellis ( Elias) Haskett

Generation One

1. Ellis ( Elias)1 Haskett was born circa 1560 at Henstridge, Co. Somerset. He died on 10 May 1639 at Henstridge, Co. Somerset.

Children of Ellis ( Elias)1 Haskett and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Two

2. Ellis ( Elias)2 Haskett (Ellis1) was born circa 1585 at Marhill, Co. Dorset, England. He married Eleanor Stibbs, daughter of William Stibbs, circa 1635. He died before 1660.

Children of Ellis ( Elias)2 Haskett and Eleanor Stibbs were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Stephen3 Haskett (Ellis2, Ellis1) was born on 18 Dec 1636 at Henstridge Co Somerset. He married Elizabeth Hill in 1666 at Devon. He died in 1698.

Reference: 593.

Children of Stephen3 Haskett and Elizabeth Hill were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Martha4 Haskett (Stephen3, Ellis2, Ellis1) was born at England. She married Richard Derby, son of Roger Derby and Elizabeth Haskett. She died on 2 May 1746.

Children of Martha4 Haskett and Richard Derby were as follows:

5. Elizabeth4 Haskett (Stephen3, Ellis2, Ellis1) married William Dynn, son of John Dynn. She was born in 1657 at England; brought to America as an infant.1 She married Roger Derby, son of Richard Derby and Alice Leachland, in 1691.

Children of Elizabeth4 Haskett and William Dynn were as follows:

Children of Elizabeth4 Haskett and Roger Derby were as follows:

6. Hannah4 Haskett (Stephen3, Ellis2, Ellis1) married Richard Symmes. She was born on 2 Aug 1675. She died on 29 Aug 1744 at age 69.

Children of Hannah4 Haskett and Richard Symmes were as follows:

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