Descendants of William Hale Esq

Generation One

1. William1 Hale Esq was born at Kings Walden, Hertshire.

Children of William1 Hale Esq and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Two

2. Thomas2 Hale (William1) married Thomasine (--?--). He was born on 15 May 1606 at Kings Walden, Hertshire, England. He died on 21 Jan 1682 at Newbury at age 75.

Children of Thomas2 Hale and Thomasine (--?--) were as follows:

Generation Three

3. John3 Hale (Thomas2, William1) was born on 3 Jun 1636. He married Rebecca Lowell, daughter of Richard Lowell, on 5 Dec 1660 at Newbury, Mass. He died on 19 Jan 1699/0 at age 63.

Children of John3 Hale and Rebecca Lowell were:

Generation Four

4. John4 Hale (John3, Thomas2, William1) was born on 2 Sep 1661 at Newbury. He married Sarah Jacque, daughter of Henry Jacque and Anna Knight, on 16 Oct 1683 at Newbury. He died on 4 Mar 1725 at Newbury at age 63.

Children of John4 Hale and Sarah Jacque were as follows:

Generation Five

5. John5 Hale (John4, John3, Thomas2, William1) married Patience Dole, daughter of William Dole and Mary Brocklebank. He was born on 24 Jun 1686 at Newbury. He died in 1770.

Children of John5 Hale and Patience Dole were:

Generation Six

6. Patience6 Hale (John5, John4, John3, Thomas2, William1) married Dr. Nathaniel Coffin, son of John Coffin and Judith Greenleaf.

Reference: 738.

Children of Patience6 Hale and Dr. Nathaniel Coffin were as follows: