Descendants of John Glass

Generation One

1. John1 Glass married Johanne Dixson on 6 Jul 1579 at Church of St. Mary Magdalan, Taunton, Somerset, England.

Children of John1 Glass and Johanne Dixson were:

Generation Two

2. James2 Glass (John1) married Mary Cogan, daughter of Henry Cogan and Joan Boridge, on 24 Jan 1613 at Church of St. Mary Magdalan, Taunton, Somerset, England.1 He died on 22 Feb 1638 at Taunton, Mass.

Children of James2 Glass and Mary Cogan were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Roger3 Glass (James2, John1) was born on 7 Aug 1623 at Taunton, Somerset, England. He married Mary Launder in 1657 at Duxbury, Mass. He died on 27 Aug 1692 at age 69.

Children of Roger3 Glass and Mary Launder were as follows:

Generation Four

4. John4 Glass (Roger3, James2, John1) married Martha Temple, daughter of John Temple and Martha (--?--), in Apr 1703.

Children of John4 Glass and Martha Temple were:


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