Descendants of Simon Fiske

Generation One

1. Simon1 Fiske married Susan Smyth. He died between Feb 1463 and 1464.

Children of Simon1 Fiske and Susan Smyth were:

Generation Two

2. William2 Fiske (Simon1) married Joan Lynne. He died before 1504.

Children of William2 Fiske and Joan Lynne were:

Generation Three

3. Simon3 Fiske (William2, Simon1) married Elizabeth (--?--). He died in 1538.

Children of Simon3 Fiske and Elizabeth (--?--) were:

Generation Four

4. Robert4 Fiske (Simon3, William2, Simon1) married Sybel Gould.

Children of Robert4 Fiske and Sybel Gould were:

Generation Five

5. Jeffry5 Fiske (Robert4, Simon3, William2, Simon1) married Sarah Cooke. He was born in 1525. He died in 1600.

Children of Jeffry5 Fiske and Sarah Cooke were:

Generation Six

6. David6 Fiske (Jeffry5, Robert4, Simon3, William2, Simon1) was born at Laxford, Suffolk. He married Sarah Smith, daughter of Edmund Smith. He died in 1660.

LIEUT. DAVID FISKE - Born in England about 1623, he was admitted as a freeman in New England in 1647. He married Lydia Cooper in 1646, she was the sister of Deacon John Cooper with whom he had travelled to America. They had three children before she died in Nov 1634, after which he married in Sept 1655 Seaborn Wilson, daughter of Theophilus Wilson of Ipswich. He was an early settler, originally in Watertown, Mass., afterwards to Cambridge in about 1646. His residence in Cambridge was on the northerly side of Linnaean St., near the Botanic Garden. He sold this property to Joseph Daniel in Dec 1660 and moved to Cambridge Farms in Lexington, residing on Hancock St. He was a wheelwright by trade, but was also much engaged in public service, particularly as a surveyor of land. He was one of the most prominent men in the settlement of the Farms, serving as precinct clerk and assessor; he was the first subscriber for erecting a meeting house there and the first named member of the church. He was responsible for preliminary surveys of the land prior to the creation of the settlement of Worcester (now Massachusetts' second largest city) in April 1675. In 1688 he was the Selectman in Cambridge, and was representative in the critical period of 1689. He also served in a military capacity, as his title suggests. His will was dated June 23, 1708, it mentions his wife Seaborn, son-in-law Nicholas Wyeth; children David, Elizabeth, Anna and Abigail; cousin Samuel, son of Deacon Samuel Stone. He died on Feb 14, 1710. A "handsome memorial" was subsequently erected in 1856 by Benjamin Fiske, Esq., "In memory of David Fiske, who died Feb 14, 1710, and his descendants."

Children of David6 Fiske and Sarah Smith were:

Generation Seven

7. David7 Fiske (David6, Jeffry5, Robert4, Simon3, William2, Simon1) was born in 1623. He married Seaborn Wilson, daughter of Theophilus Wilson and Elizabeth Knowlton, on 6 Sep 1655. He died on 14 Feb 1710.

Children of David7 Fiske and Seaborn Wilson were as follows:

Generation Eight

8. Abigail8 Fiske (David7, David6, Jeffry5, Robert4, Simon3, William2, Simon1) was born on 1 May 1673. She married Henry Baldwin, son of Henry Baldwin and Phebe Richardson, on 4 May 1692.

Children of Abigail8 Fiske and Henry Baldwin were as follows:

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