Descendants of William Fairbanke

Generation One

1. William1 Fairbanke;; In 1492 8th, Henry VIII, William took land of the soil and waste of the Lord, in Sowerby, to hold according to the custom of the Manor1 was born in 1455.2 He died in 1518.2

Children of William1 Fairbanke and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Two

2. John2 Fairbanke (William1) married Margaret (--?--). He was born in 1480 at England. He died in 1551 at England.

Children of John2 Fairbanke and Margaret (--?--) were:

Generation Three

3. Gilbert3 Fairbanke (John2, William1) married Jennet (--?--). He was born in 1505. He died on 4 Mar 1577.

Children of Gilbert3 Fairbanke and Jennet (--?--) were as follows:

Generation Four

4. George4 Fairbanke (Gilbert3, John2, William1) married Sybil Wade. He was born circa 1528 at England. He died on 29 Mar 1610 at Sowerby, England.

Children of George4 Fairbanke and Sybil Wade were as follows:

Generation Five

5. George5 Fairbanks (George4Fairbanke, Gilbert3, John2, William1) was born on 2 Aug 1562 at Halifax, Yorkshire. He married Mary Farrer, daughter of Richard Farrer and Mary Blackburn, in 1593 at Heptonstall, Halifax, Norfolk, England. He died in 1610.

Children of George5 Fairbanks and Mary Farrer were as follows:

Generation Six

6. Jonathan6 Fairbanks (George5, George4Fairbanke, Gilbert3, John2, William1) Jonathan Fairbanks - 1098

"Jonathane Fairbanke, notwithstanding he had long stood off from the church upon some scruples about public profession of faith and covenant, yet after divers loving conferences--, he made a declaration of faith and conversation to God and profession of subjection to the ordinances of Christ in this Church and he was readily and gladly received by the whole church"

Taken from A New England Town by Kenneth A. Lockridge W.W. Norton 1985

Jonathan FAIRBANKS - b. about 1594-1596, England; d. Dec. 5, 1668, Dedham, MA. Son of George FAIRBANK and Mary FARRER, and descendant of William FAIRBANKE (1455-1518). Some sources suggest that Jonathan came from Sowerby, West Riding, Yorkshire, England to Boston in 1633 in the "Griffin," but without documentary evidence. Claims that he was the brother of Rihard FAIRNBANKS, or that he arrived aboard the "Speedwell," are also apparently without documentation. Moved to Dedham, MA by 1636 when he built his house there. The house at 511 East St., Dedham was built of timbers brought from England, and may well be the oldest frame house in America. It is probably unique also because it has been occupied by the same family for nearly 350 years, and has never been deeded or mortgaged! He signed The Covenant of Dedham, MA. His will dated Jun. 1, 1668 and proved Jan. 26, 1669 names wife and his five surviving children. Estate inventoried at 300. Married in England, probably as stated in the following record: Parish in Halifax, West Riding, Yorkshire, Jonathan FAYRBANKE and Grace SMITH, of Warley, a neighboring hamlet, May 20, 1617.

was born circa 1595 at Norfolk, England. He married Grace Smith on 27 May 1617. He died on 27 Dec 1668 at Dedham, Mass.

Children of Jonathan6 Fairbanks and Grace Smith were as follows:

Generation Seven

7. Mary7 Fairbanks (Jonathan6, George5, George4Fairbanke, Gilbert3, John2, William1) was born on 18 Apr 1622 at Somerby, England. She married Michael Metcalf, son of Michael Metcalf and Sarah Ellwer, on 2 Apr 1644 at Dedham, Mass. She died on 10 May 1676 at Dedham, Mass, at age 54.

Children of Mary7 Fairbanks and Michael Metcalf all b. at Dedham, Mass, were as follows: