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Cerebral Palsy

I was born with cerebral palsy. I found out later that the forceps that were used to during my birth were used with too much pressure. My parents didn't know how to deal with this. I was given tests for about two years to ascertain whether or not there was mental as well as physical damage. I was most fortunate as only my left side is affected.

During my school years I was mainstreamed and was allowed to participate in any sports that I wished to. The only one that was forbidden and was gymnastics. I tried the rings once and I really didn't like them out all so I don't think I missed much.

There were braces, operations, physical therapy and drugs. I wonder whether any of it did any good at all.

C P. has been so much a part of my life fit when I was doing this Web Site, not meaning to, I left out a page on disabilities. I guess I don't think of this as a physical handicap. How very fortunate I am to have been spared that I feel I must do what I am able for others.


Learning disabilities

What are learning disabilities?

If you are unfamiliar with this subject go to  The Learning Disabilities Page -page and it will give you simple explanations

A personal experience

I wish I had had to this information about 20 years ago. Perhaps it would have saved a lot of heartache. It is so easy for a child to "fall through the cracks" and pass from one grade to the next. Parents I think can sometimes be blind to what is happening right in front of their face. It wasn't until college that a discussion came up, in a little cafe on the Via Veneto in Rome. My child said to me, "Ma, something is wrong, I can't get it, my head is exploding, sometimes, I'd get it but I can't put it into words". When we returned to the states that tests, and the answer, Dyslexia.
How could I have missed it?
How many parents have asked that question?
The guilt, the looking back, what did I miss? This was one time when being a single parent was a little difficult. All of this we had to put aside and start a program of (I suppose you call it therapy). Anyway, the college years were finished off with a great deal of difficulty and I hope satisfaction. A learning disability you have all your life, you learn to adapt and continue to grow as one does with alcoholism.

This is a hereditary problem, and now that I look back I can see all those signs. I can see how my mother dealt with it she wasn't dense, she couldn't remember numbers and she couldn't spell at all. I wish I had known what I know now. But in those days no one even suspected there was a problem, you just let it go.

Believe me, as long as I live, no other child I come in contact with is ever going to fall through the cracks again!! Guilt, certainly but that is a waste of time learn, and try and correct your mistakes. You can't make up for the mistakes you can just see that they never happened again.

Its amazing how many people are in the same situation. Here are a few:
General George Patton
Thomas Edison
Hans Christian Andersen
Gov. Nelson Rockerfeller

Below, I have listed some links, which I hope will be helpful to anyone who has a question. If in doubt, to the research and you may find some answers.


I am borrowing a phrase I heard from Susie

"The only disability is in peoples attitudes"
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