Descendants of Mary Chilton

Generation One

1. Mary1 Chilton;;

1 She was born in 1605 at England. She married John Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and Magdalen Oliver, in 1630 at Plymouth Colony, Mass. She died on 1 May 1679 at Boston, Mass.

Children of Mary1 Chilton and John Winslow were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Sarah2 Winslow (Mary1Chilton) married Tobias Paine. She married Richard Middlecott. She married Miles Standish Jr in 1660. She died in 1726.

Children of Sarah2 Winslow and Richard Middlecott were:

3. Edward2 Winslow (Mary1Chilton) Edward Winslow - 294

Edward Winslow was a Mariner and died I Feb 1683 and in his will, he gave his wife use of his estate for life if she remained a widow. If she married, only 1/3 and the other 2/3rds to his children, except that each of his two sons should have double shares.

Savage IV page 600

He married Sarah Hilton. He married Elizabeth Hutchinson, daughter of Edward Hutchinson and Catherine Hambry. He was born in 1634. He died on 1 Feb 1683.

Children of Edward2 Winslow and Elizabeth Hutchinson were as follows:

Children of Edward2 Winslow and Sarah Hilton were as follows:

4. Issac2 Winslow (Mary1Chilton) was born in 1644. He married Mary Nowell, daughter of Increase Nowell and Parnell Gray, in 1666. He died in 1670.

Reference: 852.

Children of Issac2 Winslow and Mary Nowell were:

Generation Three

5. Jane3 Middlecott (Sarah2Winslow, Mary1Chilton) was born on 16 Sep 1682. She married Elisha Cook, son of Elisha Cook and Elizabeth Leverett, on 7 Jan 1703 at Boston, Mass.

Reference: 3958.

Children of Jane3 Middlecott and Elisha Cook were:

6. Edward3 Winslow (Edward2, Mary1Chilton) married Elizabeth Pemberton, daughter of Benjamin Pemberton and Elizabeth (--?--).

Children of Edward3 Winslow and Elizabeth Pemberton were:

7. Parnell3 Winslow (Issac2, Mary1Chilton) married Richard Foster, son of William Foster and Ann Brackenbury, on 4 May 1686. She died in 1751.

Children of Parnell3 Winslow and Richard Foster were as follows:

Chilton Family Notes

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