Descendants of James Bougham

Generation One

1. James1 Bougham married Margary Raylton.

Children of James1 Bougham and Margary Raylton. were:

Generation Two

2. Robert2 Buffum (James1Bougham) Robert Buffum

Robert Buffum lived in Salem. He was a farmer and trader to some extent. He early joined the Quakers and both he and his wife were fined for non-attendance on regular worship. Robert was buried in the Old Burying Ground now Peabody, and in later years, his remains were removed Harmony Grove Cemetery near the western entrance. A rough stone square of granite, which formed the headstone, was removed at the same time.

Nov 15 1669, his inventory amounted to 270 pounds, 70 shillings with scales. Weights, measures and garden seeds named in the schedule, Widow Tamoson, administratrix. On Nov 25 1668, Mary Neale testified that when her father, Robert Buffum was sick, she tended to him until he died, and heard her mother, Tamosin asked her father several times to make a will: of which he seemed to take little notice till a little before his death when he said that he would have his son Joshua have a double portion, and for the rest of the children, he would make no difference betwixt them, for, he said, that they are yours as well as mine. About the same time other testimony was taken, Gertrude Pope, widow, testified that being at the house of Robert Buffum, while he lay at his death bed, he would have me and Elizabeth Kitchen take notice of what he has said, as to his estate, he would leave to his wife, for she had helped him to get it and the children were hers. Testimony of Elizabeth Kitchen to the same effect. Petition of john Wilson, William Beanes and Jeremiah Neale, children and heirs of Robert Buffum humbly showth that 'whereas our father Robert Buffum died intestate and an inventory of his estate was brought in by relict Tomosin and she appointed administratrix, etc, who since that time has disposed of the same according to her fancy or affection led her, or else keepeth the same still in her hands; we your petitioners, being children of the deceased, humbly conceive that as children, we ought to according to the law of God and this jurisdiction each of us to have a share or portion which is our right, and therefore humbly do supplicate this honored Court as fathers of this country to our causes into your pious and Christian consideration and be fathers to us in helping us to that we who are the children may not be deprived of which we humbly conceive according to law of God and this jurisdiction is ours. We subscribe yours in all service to command.

One Hundred Allied Families by John O. Austin

was born circa 1590 at Buffum, Yorkshire, England. He married Margaret Blessing on 23 Aug 1613 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married Tamasin Ward, daughter of George Ward and Diones Burrow, on 11 Aug 1630 at South Walshim, Norfolk, England. He died on 6 Mar 1668 at Salem, Mass.

There were no children of Robert2 Buffum and Margaret Blessing.

Children of Robert2 Buffum and Tamasin Ward were as follows:

Generation Three

3. Caleb3 Buffum (Robert2, James1Bougham) was born on 29 Jan 1650 at Salem, Mass. He married Hannah Pope, daughter of Joseph Pope and Gertrude Shattuck, on 26 Mar 1672. He died on 24 Nov 1731 at Salem, Mass, at age 81.

Children of Caleb3 Buffum and Hannah Pope were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Benjamin4 Buffum (Caleb3, Robert2, James1Bougham) married Elizabeth Buxton, daughter of Joseph Buxton and Esther Southwick. He was born in 1686 at Salem, Mass. He died on 3 Jan 1747 at Smithfield, RI.

Children of Benjamin4 Buffum and Elizabeth Buxton were as follows:

Generation Five

5. Hannah5 Buffum (Benjamin4, Caleb3, Robert2, James1Bougham) was born on 1 Jul 1711. She married Stephen Sweet on 5 Jun 1766.

Children of Hannah5 Buffum and Stephen Sweet were:

6. Joseph5 Buffum (Benjamin4, Caleb3, Robert2, James1Bougham) was born on 20 Jul 1717. He married Margaret Osborne, daughter of William Osborne and Margaret Derby, on 12 Mar 1736. He died on 17 Sep 1796 at age 79.

Children of Joseph5 Buffum and Margaret Osborne were as follows:

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