Descendants of Chad Brown

Generation One

1. Chad1 Brown married Elizabeth Sharparowe on 11 Sep 1626 at High Wycombe, Bucks, England. He died in 1672 at Providence, RI.

Children of Chad1 Brown and Elizabeth Sharparowe were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Jeremiah2 Brown (Chad1) was born at Newport, RI. He married Mary (--?--) before 1676. He died in Oct 1680.

Children of Jeremiah2 Brown and Mary (--?--) were as follows:

3. John2 Brown (Chad1) married Mary Holmes, daughter of Obidiah Holmes and Catherine Hyde. He was born circa 1629. He died circa 1706.

Children of John2 Brown and Mary Holmes were as follows:

Generation Three

4. Samuel3 Brown (Jeremiah2, Chad1) married Mercy Carr, daughter of Edward Carr and Hannah Stanton. He was born in Mar 1680 at Newport, RI. He died in 1762 at South Kingston, RI.

Children of Samuel3 Brown and Mercy Carr were as follows:

5. Martha3 Brown (John2, Chad1) died at Providence, RI. She married Joseph Jencks, son of Joseph Jencks and Esther Ballard.

Children of Martha3 Brown and Joseph Jencks were as follows:

Generation Four

6. Penelope4 Brown (Samuel3, Jeremiah2, Chad1) was born on 27 Oct 1709. She married Jonas Minturn on 31 Dec 1732.

Children of Penelope4 Brown and Jonas Minturn were:

7. Martha4 Jencks (Martha3Brown, John2, Chad1) married Peleg Cook, son of John Cook and Mary Mott.

Children of Martha4 Jencks and Peleg Cook were:

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