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Generation One

1. William1 Bromfield married Katherine Of Norfolk.Will of William Bromfield

Children of William1 Bromfield and Katherine Of Norfolk were:

Generation Two

2. Arthur2 Bromfield (William1) married Luci Quinby.

Children of Arthur2 Bromfield and Luci Quinby were:

Generation Three

3. Henry3 Bromfield (Arthur2, William1) married Frances Kempe. He died in 1682.

Children of Henry3 Bromfield and Frances Kempe were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Edward4 Bromfield (Henry3, Arthur2, William1) Edward was the son of Henry Bromfield. He was born at Haywood House, the seat of the family near New Forest Hampshire England 10 Jan 1648. In 1675 he came to America and settled in Boston where he served as Town Selectman, Overseerer of the poor and Representative. He was one of the Commissioners of the Peace and in May 1703, he was chosen to the Council, and from that time on was annually selected until 1728, when in his 80th year of age, his growing infirmities released him from public business. He was distinguished for piety, unspotted justice and extensive charity. He was zealous against vice and did much for the preservation of good order and the advancement of religion, for 50 years. He was thrice married, first to Mrs E. Brading by whom he had one child. Second to Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel Danforth and grandaughter of Rev. John Wilson ( Minister of Roxbury ) by whom he had twelve children.

Taken from family papers

Edward, Boston, 1675 was the third son of Henry, who was the son of Arthur and was born 10 Jan 1649 at Hayward House, Haunts. Merchant Art. Company 1679, a gentleman of high esteem, Representive 1693, one of the Council 1708--- He died 10 Apr. 1756 after filling many important offices, Representive for 4 years from 1739, but especially honored as Overseerer to the Poor through a long period.

Savage 1258-9

He was born in 1648 at Hampshire, England. He married Elizabeth Brading in 1678. He married Mary Danforth, daughter of Rev Samuel Danforth and Mary Wilson, on 4 Jun 1683. He died in 1734 at Boston, Mass.


Children of Edward4 Bromfield and Elizabeth Brading were:

Children of Edward4 Bromfield and Mary Danforth were as follows:

Generation Five

5. Mary5 Bromfield (Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 2 Jun 1689. She married Thomas Cushing on 4 Jun 1724. She died on 30 Oct 1746 at age 57.

Children of Mary5 Bromfield and Thomas Cushing were as follows:

6. Edward5 Bromfield (Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) Edward Bromfield -178

Edward Bromfield, his son was born in 1695 and died in 1756. In 1722, he married Abigail Coney who was born June 5 1700 and died in 1777. His house stood nearly opposite where the Atheneum is now built on Beacon St.

From Family Papers

He was born on 5 Nov 1695 at Boston, Mass. He married Abigail Coney, daughter of John Coney and Mary Atwater, on 21 Feb 1723 at Boston, Mass. He died on 10 Apr 1756 at Boston, Mass, at age 60.

Children of Edward5 Bromfield and Abigail Coney were as follows:

Generation Six

7. Abigail6 Bromfield (Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1)4 was born on 9 Jan 1726.4 She married Deacon-Hon. William Phillips on 13 Jun 1744. She died in 1775.4

Children of Abigail6 Bromfield and Deacon-Hon. William Phillips were as follows:

8. Col. Henry6 Bromfield (Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) Henry Bromfield, for many years an eminent merchant in Boston, his native town. After its evacuation by the British, he with his family, ( children of his first wife, his second wife and their daughter Elizabeth ) to Harvard to a farm which had attracted his notice by its picturesque situation which he purchased from the Rev Mr. Secomb. There he resided upward of 40 years, 35 of which he was a widower .

Henry Bromfield, one of the sons of Edward Bromfield, was born in Boston and for many years did business there as a merchant and afterwards in London in connection with his brother Thomas. He returned to Boston before the war of the Revolution and removed to Harvard Mass in 1765 where he lived for more than fifty years, respected and loved by all who knew him. He died at the advanced age of 92 years. He married Sept 171749, Margaret Fayerweather, daughter of Thomas Fayerweather

6 He was born on 12 Sep 1727 at Boston, Mass; Orthello - Faithful servant of Henry Bromfield - came from Africa - about 1760 -died 1813 - age about 72.6 He married Margaret Fayerweather, daughter of Thomas Fayerweather Esq, on 17 Sep 1749 at Boston. He married Hannah Clarke, daughter of Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Winslow, on 25 Sep 1762 at Boston, Mass. He died on 9 Feb 1820 at Cambridge, Mass, at age 92.6

Children of Col. Henry6 Bromfield and Margaret Fayerweather were as follows:

Children of Col. Henry6 Bromfield and Hannah Clarke were:

9. Mary6 Bromfield (Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married William Powell, son of (--?--) Powell. She was born in Oct 1736. She died in 1786.

Children of Mary6 Bromfield and William Powell were as follows:

Generation Seven

10. Abigail7 Phillips (Abigail6Bromfield, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married Josiah Quincy Jr.

Children of Abigail7 Phillips and Josiah Quincy Jr. were:

11. Sarah7 Bromfield (Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 1 May 1757. She married Rev. Eliphalet Pearson L.L.D. in Oct 1785. She died on 12 Feb 1831 at age 73.

Children of Sarah7 Bromfield and Rev. Eliphalet Pearson L.L.D. were as follows:

12. Elizabeth7 Bromfield (Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) Elizabeth Bromfield - 58

Elizabeth Bromfield, second wife of Daniel Dennison Rogers and the youngest daughter of Henry Bromfield and his second wife Hannah Clarke, was born in Court St Boston. She went as a girl to Mr Lovells School on School St and was there during the whole siege by the British. On the evacuation of the city, General Washington and all his staff ( among them Generals Putnam and Knox ) dined at her fathers, She had the high honor of going in after dinn~r and drinking a glass of wine with the General. Before the close of the war, her parents moved to a farm at Harvard Mass. When she was about 15 her mother had an attack of Scarlet Fever . Her own mother Hannah Clarke Bromfield had died when she was about 22 years old. Consequently she often traveled with her half sister, Abigail and her husband and stayed with them for some weeks in New York. After Abigail B. Rogers death in 1791, Elizabeth married Daniel Dennison Rogers in 1796 and they immediately moved into a home that he had built on the corner of Beacon and Park St. opposite that of the Edward Bromfields. It was a house far beyond the ordinary of that day in the point of site and elegance and from this circumstance caused much wonder and remark. A splendid Ball was given when they moved in and a supper was served up by Italian cooks. In this house all my brothers and sisters were born.

Taken from a Journel of Henry Bromfield Rogers

Note from family papers

She was a woman of distinguished piety. She suffered much from Sickness during the many years of her married life but bore the pain with Christian fortitude. She was a very extravagant person. There is mention in a family letter that the skewers in her kitchen were of solid silver. Her recipe for cranberry Jelly is in Aunt Jen's cookbook, remarkably similar to the one on a package of cranberries [ J.B.J.]

She was born in 1763 at Boston, Mass. She married Daniel Dennison Rogers, son of Daniel Rogers and Anna Foxcroft, on 18 Jan 1796 at Boston, Mass. She died on 5 May 1833 at Boston, Mass.


Children of Elizabeth7 Bromfield and Daniel Dennison Rogers were as follows:

13. Susannah7 Powell (Mary6Bromfield, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married Jonathan Mason.

Children of Susannah7 Powell and Jonathan Mason were as follows:

Generation Eight

14. Elizabeth8 Rogers (Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 11 Sep 1798. She married Jacob T Slade on 13 May 1819. She died on 18 Aug 1826 at age 27.

Children of Elizabeth8 Rogers and Jacob T Slade were as follows:

15. John8 Rogers (Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) John Rogers, A.M., & resident member, admitted Jan. 9,1874, was born in Boston May 11, 1800, and died in same place June 15, 1684, aged 84 years, I month and 4 days.

His father was Daniel Dennison Rogers, born in Exeter, N. H. May II, 1751, and his mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Bromfield, of Boston. In a brief record which he made of his own life and his ancestry he says: " I claim descent from John Rogers the Martyr, but am aware there is a deficiency of evidence beyond John Rogers, minister of Dedham in England. From him, however, the succession is clearly established." It has, however, been very definitely settled that John Rogers the Martyr was not the ancestor of the famous Puritan minister of Dedham.

He was born on 11 May 1800 at Boston, Mass. He married Sarah Ellen Derby, daughter of John Derby and Eleanor Foster Coffin, on 5 Feb 1827 at Boston, Mass. He died on 15 Jun 1884 at Boston, Mass, at age 84.

Children of John8 Rogers and Sarah Ellen Derby were as follows:

16. Henry Bromfield8 Rogers (Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) Henry Bromfield Rogers - 89

Henry Bromfield, another of the sons of Daniel Dennison Rogers, was graduated at Harvard in 1822. He studied law at Litchfield, Conn and settled in Boston. He married Sept 12 1832 Annie M. Perkins daughter of Thomas Perkins Esq. by whom he had one child, Annette Perkins, born March 6th 1841. Mrs Rogers died Dec 5 1880, aged 75. Mr Henry Bromfield Rogers died March 30 1887

He was born on 4 Apr 1802. He married Ann Perkins, daughter of Thomas Perkins and Anna Powell, on 12 Sep 1832. He died on 30 Mar 1877 at age 74.

Children of Henry Bromfield8 Rogers and Ann Perkins were:

17. Hannah8 Rogers (Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married William Powell Mason, son of Jonathan Mason and Susannah Powell. She was born on 21 Dec 1806. She died on 19 Jun 1872 at age 65.

Children of Hannah8 Rogers and William Powell Mason were as follows:

Generation Nine

18. Elizabeth Bromfield9 Slade (Elizabeth8Rogers, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married Henry Schmidt. She was born on 23 Mar 1821. She died on 10 May 1880 at age 59.

Children of Elizabeth Bromfield9 Slade and Henry Schmidt were as follows:

19. Daniel Dennison9 Slade (Elizabeth8Rogers, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) married Mary Louise Hensler. He was born on 10 May 1823.

Children of Daniel Dennison9 Slade and Mary Louise Hensler were as follows:

20. John9 Rogers (John8, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 30 Oct 1829. He married Harriet Francis, daughter of Charles Francis, in Apr 1865.

Children of John9 Rogers and Harriet Francis were as follows:

21. Henry Bromfield9 Rogers (John8, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 20 Nov 1837. He married Frances Stetson on 10 Jan 1865. He died on 15 Oct 1872 at age 34.

Children of Henry Bromfield9 Rogers and Frances Stetson were as follows:

22. Clara Pomeroy9 Rogers (John8, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1)

From the letter of Cousin Frank Rogers

"Aunt Clara Purdon had a lovely personality in all "ways., very slender and of medium height in reality. She carried herself so beautifully that her appearance was always Impressive. As a girl she had been trained to hold herself errect, and to the end of her life she never leaned against anything or curved her back.. She walked with a smooth grace that I have never seen surpassed by any other woman, even professional dancers, So far as, I know she was never active physically; probably most of her store of vitality had been exhausted by her frequent pregencies. Her one excursion to the outside world was a pleasure trip to Europe in the summer of 1896. She had considerable facial beauty which was: marred by the flatness of her nose: possibly her nose had been injured in childhood. Her brow was noticeably beautiful, usually low. surmounted by thick, growing., wavy graying hair. parted in the middle. Her voice in keeping with her whole personality was always mellow and gentle in tone. She had I believe no interests outside her home----in any case she was a wonderfully lovable selfless lady who spent a reasonably long life in doing her best to contribute to the happiness of her domestic circle. She died at the age of seventy."

In his diary grandpa Purdon comments frequently about her headaches and toothaches. She was born on 13 Nov 1838 at Northampton, Mass. She married John Graeme Purdon, son of John Purdon and Mary Brian Boyle, on 13 Nov 1863 at Roxbury, Mass; They sailed for China the day after they were married. She died in 1907 at Boston, Mass.


Children of Clara Pomeroy9 Rogers and John Graeme Purdon were as follows:

23. Martha Derby9 Rogers (John8, Elizabeth7Bromfield, Henry6, Edward5, Edward4, Henry3, Arthur2, William1) was born on 27 Oct 1840 at Northampton, Mass. She married Dr. John Gardner Perry on 19 Mar 1863.


Children of Martha Derby9 Rogers and Dr. John Gardner Perry were:

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