Descendants of Everadus Bogardus

Generation One

1. Everadus1 Bogardus;; Notes

On page 31 of the book "The Epic of New York City", by Edward Robb Ellis, there is reference to a dominie named EVERARDUS BOGARDUS who accompanied the new governor of the Dutch Colony to New .Amsterdam in March, .1633. The new governor was Wouter Van Twiller. In researching the Bogardus family, Evarardus Bogardus was in fact a DOMINIE or minister of New Amsterdam. His wife, Anneke Jans had been previously married to a Dutchman, Roelf Jansen, who had a farm in lower Manhattan. The farm was approximately 62 acres. Roelof Jansen died and the farm went to Anneke Jans, who then married Evarardus Bogardus. The farm was subsequently know as th "Dominie's Bouwerie" or the minister farm. Because of a dispute that Evarardus gad with the Director General of New Amsterdam, he departed for Amsterdam to lay his accusations to the authorities. The ship he was on, dePrincess was wrecked off the south coast of Wales and he was drowned, 27 September, 1647. Anneke Jans was then granted The "Duminies Bouwerie" by Governor. Peter Stuyvesant in 1654.

Domine Evarardu Bogardus was in constant controversy with Van Twiller and later his successor Willem Kief, Governors of New Amsterdam. Bogardus was a young man in his first pastorate when he came to New Amsterdam in 1633. He was a lusty individual- liked food and drink- and there was always a lusty tale of his lastest indiscretion for wagging tongues to relish. He had a running battle with Kieft- castigating him in sermans by racy epithets; the governor would try to drown him out by ordering soldiers to drill outside the church with drums beating, trumpets blaring, andcannon firing.

married Annette Jans.

Children of Everadus1 Bogardus and Annette Jans were:

Generation Two

2. Cornelius2 Bogardus (Everadus1) married Rachel DeWitt.

Children of Cornelius2 Bogardus and Rachel DeWitt were:

Generation Three

3. Marretjen3 Bogardus (Cornelius2, Everadus1) married Gysbert Osterhaudt, son of Jan Jensen Osterhaudt and Annetjen Jelles.

Children of Marretjen3 Bogardus and Gysbert Osterhaudt were as follows:

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